10LBS Pure Sulfur Powder


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This is for a 5LB bag of Sulfur Powder. Items are purchased in bulk and repackaged into 2 clear resealable bags. Items are shipped next business day after payment is received. DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Apply this product only as directed on this label. Do not use this product for any uses other than those specified on this label. This material may be applied with ground equipment or aircraft depending upon local conditions. Do not apply this product through any type of irrigation system. Sulfur is formulated for use as a dust or for use in water as a spray on fruits, vegetables and field crops, flowers and ornamentals, and poultry for control of certain fungus, diseases, and mites. It may be combined in the spray tank with most of the commonly used fungicides and insecticides. DIRECTIONS FOR SPRAYING: Pour the specific amount of this product on the surface of water in the spray tank. Add balance of water to fill the tank. Keep agitator running during filling and spraying operations. Do not allow mixture to stand. Do not use in low volume gear-type spray equipment. Do not combine with emulsifiable liquids unless previous use of mixture has proven physically compatible and safe to plants. DIRECTIONS FOR DUSTING: Avoid drift. Apply when air is calm. For best results, apply at night or in early morning hours. Repeat as needed. CAUTION: Do not use sulfur in combination with oil or within 21 to 60 days of an oil spray. Do not use sulfur on apples or other sensitive crops when shade temperatures exceed, or are likely to exceed 90°F. Do not apply or allow sulfur to drift to cucurbits (Cucumber, cantaloupe, melon, squash) or tung.To do so may result in severe fruit and leaf injury. When growing crops for processing, consult the processor before applying sulfur.


  • Ground Yellow Sulfur Powder
  • 99.9% Industrial Grade
  • Bagged in resealable bag
  • Sulfur Flour


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