Ovante Sulfur Cream with Tea Tree and Neam Oil


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Sulfur Cream is a specially formulated antifungal extra strength topical ointment that provides relief from all sorts of skin irritations. If you have a case of Ringworm, Athlete's Foot, Bird Mites bites or have small skin parasites, apply this extra strength sulfur treatment cream to the affected area to quickly heal the area.

This Ovante Antifungal Healing cream makes a great athletes foot cream, extra strength jock itch cream, or ringworm treatment for humans.

The active sulfur ingredient helps absorb excess oil on your skin which can cause skin irritations and even acne breakouts. This Sulfur Cream was specifically created to be a cure-all for most common skin problems such as itching, burning, or red skin. If you have skin mites or irritated skin, apply a little amount of this cream to the area and see differences quickly!

This wide spectrum cream helps to provide relief from itching, burning, scaling, chafing, redness, skin rashes, irritation and discomfort associated with: Jock Itch, Ringworm, Athlete's Foot, Skin Parasites, Minor Wounds, Sunburn, Scratches & Scrapes. Can be used to kill skin parasites such as dust demodex bed bug mites, heal minor wounds.

Made out with natural ingredients such as sulfur and tea tree oil, this sulfur skin treatment cream will restore your skin to a healthy condition in no time.

Take action today to fix your irritated, itchy, scaly burning skin today with Ovante Sulfur Cream!


  • Sulfur cream Relieves itching, burning, scaling, chafing, redness , skin rashes, irritation and discomfort
  • Helps to treat Jock Itch, Ringworm, Athlete's Foot, Minor Wounds, Sunburn, Scratches & Scrapes, Diabetic Ulcers, burns
  • Multi Purpose Specifically Formulated to promotes fast healing for hard-to-heal skin problems.
  • Comes in generous 8.0 oz ( 240 mL) jar, enough for treatment of face and body
  • Made With White Sulphur, Tea Tree and Neem Oil. Easy To Use.


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